First Day of Spring Breakation

I’ve been counting the hours, and looking forward to this — a solid week away from the classrooms.  Am I eager because I am packing my bags and bikinis and heading to a beach somewhere, with someone making me bucket-sized brightly-colored drinks with little umbrellas in them?  No.  Am I eager because I have tickets to five different Broadway shows and a whirlwind week of culture planned in New York?  No.  Am I going to be spending this week on a dude ranch….or in my case a dudette ranch, riding horses?  No….the last horse I rose was named El Diablo, and he was a misnamed sweet little chestnut pony led around a riding circle at a fair when I was about 7 years old.

I’m excited because I have about 80 hours of work I will finally be able to catch up on.  A script that needs to be written for a reading that is going to be held in a few days, and for actors who have been cast and need to rehearse.  Two book reviews for The New York Journal of Books– one overdue and the other due in a few days.  An article for one of those “what’s great about this city” cites.  More work on my documentary and book, ‘Junct: The Trashing of Higher Ed. in America. Catching the work up with Hidden River.  Competition winners need to be announced.  I need to complete some grant applications.  Fiscal sponsorship applications. And then there is cleaning:  Fumigating my apartment is on the list – a layer of dust something like I imagine settled on Pompeii is everywhere.  I’m afraid I might find some mummified remains in my back bedroom.  But I will soldier through. There is a suitcase that has needed unpacking since early February.   I might even get a chance to wash my car and empty out the piles of things – boxes of books, old computers, a sleeping bag, electrical equipment, shoes, clothes — that have been jammed and shoehorned into it…I haven’t seen the back seat of my car in two years.

I plan aerobic workouts every day and yoga every night.  I might even cook, so that I can stop living on those vegan “chicken” salad sandwiches from Essene Market — not that they aren’t great, but you shouldn’t turn yourself into a monoculture that way, right?

A trip to a grocery store in the suburbs where I can load up on vegetables and basic supplies, and start trying out the Horizons Cookbook I just bought.

And I plan to catch up on my blogging.  I have been so unbelievable, ridiculously overextended that I haven’t been able to write in my own blogs.  I want to blog about the things I do for fun this week, even as I am working those 80 hours.  I want to blog about the plans for the next month or so, because things are going to be really busy.  I want to blog more about my work with vegan and vegetarian recipes.

So, it is 9 a.m. on Saturday, Day One of the Spring Breakation.  There is an enormous list of things I have to get started on.  But part of the morning will be spent doing step aerobics – an old Cher “New Attitude” tape that I have in triplicate, because the workout is one of the best I own, and because it is somewhere around 20 years old, and I’m afraid that the tape is going to break.  Why, oh why hasn’t the company issued this workout on DVD?

Then work my the play – Days of Obligation, which will be read  7 p.m. this Thursday, March 10 at the Shubin Theatre, as part of the fundraising activities of Green Light Arts.  Then some work on ‘Junct, which will have a portion screened March 20 at The Left Forum at Pace University.  Some cleaning and fumigating will begin – I think starting with putting away the Christmas decorations, since it is almost Spring Solstice.

But tonight, I meet a friend and go to opening night of Pterodactyls, a play by Nicky Silver, produced by  New City Stage.  It has a great cast – Cheryl Williams, Bruce Graham and Jered McLenigan, and featuring Kevin Meehan and Ginger Dayle.

I’m looking forward to the play, and will probably write a review on these pages sometime tomorrow.

The ten-day forecast has our daytime temperatures in the 50s straight through, which means, to my mind, that this winter was much shorter than last year’s, and that we are heading into milder weather, tulips, flowering trees, birdsongs and sunnier days.  The Farmers’ Market in Head House Square will reopen soon.  Activities down along the Delaware River will become part of weekend life.

So, let the Breakation begin.


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A blog dedicated to finding the happiness and well-being in life even in the hardest times. Maintained by Debra Leigh Scott, writer, playwright, arts educator and good times advocate.
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