Top Five Eco-Friendly/Veg-Friendly Beauty Products

By Nichole Beard

Like most environmentally conscious minds, you might find your conscience weighed down by the origin of the beauty products you use. We all think: oh well XYZ brand couldn’t possibly test on animals, because they are too well known or too credible. But the truth is, a lot of well-known beauty product companies still employ inhumane practices to produce their products.

I found myself upset and frustrated with the lack of compassionate products on the market, so I made an effort to do the necessary research to find cruelty free and eco-friendly products. Over the past year, I have found some products that I swear by. Although these compassionate products might be a bit pricier than the more mainstream products, please be advised that having a guiltless conscious is worth more than a cheap beauty product.



1. Tinted Moisturizer by Organic Wear

Ever feel your “face” melting off during the summer months? During the winter, does your foundation seem to flake off with your dry skin? Organic Wear’s tinted moisturizer offers a pleasant-smelling solution for both scenarios. Upon discovering this product, I discontinued using liquid foundation. I have some Rosacea blotchiness on my cheeks, and I find that the tinted moisturizer does a better job than the liquid foundation in covering up the redness. Not only is this product good for my skin, but it also smells of lavender.


2. Jumbo Mascara by Organic Wear

There are an abundance of mascaras on the market today, all trumping their apparent ability to plump, define, and lengthen. Ever wonder what beauty companies put in those mascaras to claim such abilities? With Organic Wear’s Jumbo Mascara, you don’t need to worry. Not only is this mascara hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes, but it also offers the volume that the other products boast.

3. Sun Protecting Lip Balm SPF 8 by Burt’s Bees

With skin cancer on the rise, and consumers scrambling to find the right sunscreen, the lips often get overlooked. No matter the season, your lips can take a beating from the sun. If you find that your lips chap easily (like me), this sweet smelling lip balm won’t leave you disappointed.

4. Dandruff Relief Shampoo by JASON

That itchy scalp problem might be embarrassing for some, but with this product, there is finally relief! Along with sensitive skin, I also have a sensitive scalp, which meant years of on and off dandruff. I used several mainstream products such as Head & Shoulders and Neutrogena T-Gel to no avail. JASON’s all-natural ingredient dandruff relief shampoo quickly repaired my scalp and relieved itching.

5. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion by The Body Shop

I’m sure you’ve all heard endless praise sung of green tea. Not only does green tea boost metabolism, but in lotion or face wash form, green tea calms and nourishes the skin. In my experience, tea tree has been a cure-all for hair and skin. This face wash is gentle and gets the job done—and with a highly respected cruelty free company producing it—what’s not to like?

Our guest blogger, Nichole Beard,  is a graduate student at Rosemont College and will soon earn her MFA in Creative Writing. In addition to interning at my arts organization, Hidden River Arts, Nichole is a reader for The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and is currently editing her novel, a historical fiction piece set in post-WWII Japan. Her fiction has been published on, and her articles have been published in Penn State’s Alternative Journal. Her author website can be found here:   She obviously shares our concern about finding organic, healthy alternatives to the toxic cosmetics sold in most stores.  Be sure to share your own experiences and suggestions on ways to go healthy and not have to go without beauty products!


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