Veggydelphia: Top Five Vegetarian Restaurants

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who works or lives in the downtown area?  
Guest blogger, Nikki Beard offers some great suggestions for vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

By Nichole Beard

Su Xing: Enjoy Chinese food, but can’t find many vegetarian options at your local China No. 1? Su Xing is an amazing all vegetarian Chinese restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia. Su Xing offers an abundance of vegetarian-safe versions of popular Chinese dishes such as Sesame Tofu (amazing; my go-to dish whenever I’m there), Kung Pow Tofu, and Teriyaki Tofu. At modest prices for both lunch and dinner, Su Xing is a must for a Philly vegetarians and vegans!Where: 1508 Sansom St. Philadelphia, PA 19102  Website:
Citi Marketplace: With how amazing Citi’s food is, I’m surprised this little eatery hasn’t gained more popularity. On first glance, Citi Marketplace looks more like a corner shop than an eatery. Trust me, you want to go inside and order something. Citi offers vegan and vegetarian breaskfast, lunch, and dinner—all prepared fresh in front of you. Menu highlights include the Veggie club (vegetarian bacon, slices of tofu, veganaise, lettuce, and tomato on a choice of hoagie, wrap, or bread) and Veggie cheesesteak (tofu cheesesteak! Finally a vegetarian or vegan can enjoy what Philly is famous for!) After you’re done eating, check out all the organic products the shop has to offer.  Where: 1318 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19107  Phone: (215) 545-2085
Govinda’s Gourmet Vegetarian: Much like Citi Marketplace, Govinda’s offers vegetarian safe chicken, tuna, and seafood salad sandwiches, vegetarian cheese steaks, and tofu wraps. Govinda’s also offers vegan-safe ice cream and bakery items! Go for a casual lunch during “Gourmet to Go” hours, or for a fine dining experience for dinner. The menu highlight at only $7.50 is the Golden Tofu Wrap: Tofu slices in ginger, tamari, and tahini accompanied by jasmine rice, peppers, and vegan cheese! Where: 1400 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146  Website:
San Samosa Indian food has long been a refuge for vegetarians and vegans alike. Located a few blocks from Citi Marketplace, San Samosa offers a surprisingly wallet-friendly lunch buffet, and equally modest dinner prices. Don’t be fooled by the buffet status, as San Samosa’s food is always exquisite. I used to go here (and Citi) multiple times per week when I was working downtown, and they never disappointed. Be sure to check out their great naan, vegetable kofta balls, and mango lassi.    Where: 1214 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19107  Website:
Do our readers have favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurants?  Share your information with us in the comments!  

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