Where Have I Been?

It has been my intention to write here regularly about all the “Good Times” possibilities that we can discover or create in our day to day lives — especially in difficult times when finding joy is harder to do. But it’s been a while since I have written here.

I know that this has been a very difficult few years for most people.  I have worked in education and the arts — two occupations with their own special kinds of misery, often tied to low wages, frequent joblessness, high stress and dissatisfaction.  But I don’t really know anyone, no matter what their occupation, who hasn’t been hit both economically and emotionally since the Wall Street meltdown of 2008.  It’s a decade now since the economy had its enormous collapse — and many years before that, thanks to the “market driven” capitalism often called neoliberalism, that so many have been struggling.  Despite the media and the government assurances that the economy has righted itself and things are on the upswing, there is little to be happy about.  Most people I talk to know we’re being fed lies, since they are living the realities.

Then, of course, there was the miserable election cycle that dragged on for what felt like years, and ended in a situation many of us would like NOT to believe is reality.  We are certainly living in the very late stages of a dying empire, where our leaders are insane, where greed and barbarism control the decisions of those in power, and where the boiling rage of the people threatens to blow sky high on any given day.  The last days of Rome, the last days of Versailles.  We’ve seen it all before.

So, isn’t this exactly what the Good Times Manifesto blog was meant for?  I’d say yes. Therefore, I plan to begin posting a bit more regularly.  I’m happy to hear from all of you, as well, in regard to the ways you are finding to keep your heads above the dark water.

GTM’s mission has always been to bring discussion about the beauty of life, the aesthetics, the celebratory, the joyous.  So, future posts will be about those things — about food, about lifestyle, about art, about happiness, about fitness, about travel, about discovery, about health and well-being.

And, lest you think I’ve been held captive in a fetid basement these last few years, I can assure you that I’ve been out there in the world, practicing what I preach.  Lots of projects – an activist film project, working on several novels, writing and directing several plays, a return to professional singing, moving my life from a giant suburban home to a small walk-up apartment and reducing my footprint, celebrating the 20th anniversary of my arts organization, growing my small press, running a robust arts internship program, plus doing my university teaching.  It has been busy-ness and not captivity that has kept these pages silent.  But no more.   I finally walked away from my university teaching in last August.  There is no time like now to start exploring the Good Times Manifesto, as I begin to build this next stage of my own life.


About Good Times Manifesto

A blog dedicated to finding the happiness and well-being in life even in the hardest times. Maintained by Debra Leigh Scott, writer, playwright, arts educator and good times advocate.
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