The Good Times Manifesto Blog is here to celebrate life, even when times are hard and the news is largely negative. That is when we need Les Bontemps even more.   So what do good times include?  Happiness. Laughter.  Great health.   Great food.  Great art, music, theatre, dance, literature.  Love. Passion.  Great People.  So let’s declare a Good Times Manifesto, and celebrate good times, in all its forms.  That means finding places where people are making art or music, or making great food.  It means learning about other people living lives that make a difference in some wonderful way.  Fun. Community. Empowerment and authenticity in the lives we lead — through following our own individual guidance and trusting that to be a better GPS than anything technology can create.

The blog is written, whenever I have the time, or a random thought to explore, or a discovery to report.  My name is Debra Leigh Scott, and I am a writer, playwright, educator, activist, sojourner….and these topics are all near to my heart.  If you take a look at my website, you’ll see links to my other blogs and other projects.  Please feel free to comment here, share ideas, make suggestions.

The root of happiness is robust health and freedom.  Both terms extend to cover a lot of territory.  Health is not only physical health, but mental, spiritual, intellectual, creative health.  Freedom includes financial freedom, emotional freedom, intellectual, creative, geographical freedom.   So, this will be a site for sharing information – what makes you healthy? what makes you free?  what makes you joyful?  As we figure that out and make it happen, the pursuit of happiness begins.


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