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The Continued Food Revolution

There is a growing chorus of voices around the U.S., calling for change, demanding accountability of the corporations and financial institutions which have driven us to ruin. One of the most hated companies in the country now is Monsanto, the … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

It has been my intention to write here regularly about all the “Good Times” possibilities that we can discover or create in our day to day lives — especially in difficult times when finding joy is harder to do. But … Continue reading

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Try a Stopping Spree

I’ve never been a shopper; it’s simply not in my dna. There is a story that was told often in my family, about a day when my great aunt took me shopping to a Woolworths, the old five and dime … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Solstice in a Revolutionary Year

We are a year away from the end-time predicted by the Mayan sages, and it already feels as if this year is going to be even more intense than the last few. The Arab Spring has caused the ouster of … Continue reading

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Occupy Philadelphia – a growing community of activists come together

The growing movement, called collectively, Occupy Together, was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which claims that part of its own inspiration was the bravery and determination seen at Tahrir Square. ┬áBarbara Ehrenreich, in an interview on “Democracy Now” … Continue reading

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